Thematic Sections

The Forum's program also includes ten Thematic Sections:

1. Formation of “Open Government” system. This section is expected to be carried out with the participation of the Russian Federation Minister M.A. Abyzov and international experts recommended by the World Bank. The section will discuss the global experience in the formation of open government and a national plan for the formation of the “Open Government” system in Russia and the concept of “Open government” for the regions of the Russian Federation (project “Open Region”), as well as the challenges of the presentation of open government data. The Section is to be attended by representatives of Russian regions and members of the Advisory Council for Open Government under the Government of the Russian Federation.

2. The development of e-government services. The Section is to be held with support from the Ministry of Communications of Russia, and is expected to feature presentations on the status and prospects of the development of e-government services in Russian regions and the development of inter-agency electronic interaction. The program of the Section also includes a discussion of Russian regions’ experience in establishing  and developing  e-government services.

3. E-democracy. This Section will be carried out under the guidance of the Public Chamber of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District– Ugra with the participation of experts from the World Bank.The Section is to discuss the use of social networking services for the organization of interaction between the state and society, the development of e-democracy technologies, the use of crowdsourcing to enhance the efficiency of interaction between the government and society and to improve the system of electronic government.

4. ICT in education. This Section will be held with support from the UNESCO Office in Moscow and the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education, and will be attended by representatives of the Education and Science Ministry of the Russian Federation. The section will discuss today’s trends and the experience gained by Russian regions in using ICT for educational purposes, and issues related to the use of open educational resources as a basis for open education.

5. ICT in healthcare. This Section is to be held with support from the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation. The Section is to address the progress of the Unified State Healthcare Information System and ICT usage standards for healthcare. The program of the Section is being finalized and coordinated with the Healthcare Ministry of Russia.

6. ICTinculture. This Section is to be held under the guidance of representatives of the Russian Ministry of Culture. The Section will hear reports addressing the status, challenges and new opportunities for the use of ICT in Russian museums, libraries and archives.

7. Electronicbudget. This Section is to be held under the guidance of representatives of the Ministry for Economic Development of Russia. The program of the Sectionis being finalized and discussed with the Ministry.

8. Geoinformation support of public authorities and electronic democracy. This Section is to address the development of a basic map for the state and municipal authorities, creation of geoinformation systems (GIS) for public authorities, Russian regions’ practice of using GIS.

9. ICT infrastructure for economic and social development. The Section is to be held with support from the Ministry of Communications and Economic Development Ministry of the Russian Federation.A representative of the Communications Ministry of Russia is expected to deliver a report addressing the issue of “Development of Broadband Access in the Russian Federation”.

10. Overcoming the inequalities between Russian regions in terms of ICT accessibility and usage. The Section is to be chaired by a representative from the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia. The topics for reports and program of the Section are being finalized and approved.

Based on the outcomes of their discussions, the Thematic Sections will develop recommendations to be incorporated in the resulting document of the Forum.

The program of the Forum also includes a specialized trade show. The trade show “E-GOVERNMENT TECHNOLOGIES” is to showcase the achievements of manufacturers of software and hardware systems in the field of e-government technologies, focus on the current situation problems and prospects for the development of information society and electronic government. The exhibition will demonstrate the achievements of public authorities, businesses and civil society of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District – Ugra in the field of IT application in addressing urgent social challenges.

The structure of the exhibition will reflect basic areas of the implementation o0f the program “Information Society – Ugra”, in line with the discussion focus of the IT Forum.

The exhibition will place special emphasison raising awareness of e-government technologies among general public.Visitors will have an opportunity to see the advantages of electronic services, including social commercials of electronic services, to open a “Personal Profile” on the Portal of Public Services of the Russian Federation, get advice on how to use the Portal, sign up for training course “Effective use of e-government services”, learn about the public segment of the region’s Territorial Information System, etc.

Master-classes of IT companies and training workshops will be organized for IT professionals. Internet chess tournaments will be held for the younger visitors of the exhibitions (Ugra has 52 Internet Chess Centers totaling more than 3 thousand students).

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