14 June 2016

A strategic session "Development of cooperation in the IT sphere between BRICS entrepreneurs" took place within the frameworks of the VIII International IT Forum in Khanty-Mansiysk.

Deputy Governor of Ugra Alexei Zabozlaev reminded that this is the third time when experts meet in the Okrug in order to exchange experiences in the use of IT for sustainable development of the BRICS countries. As an example, he provided the online trading b2b platform WorldBRICS: "The Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova suggested representatives of the BRICS regions to develop this platform last September in St. Petersburg. Since then, we have worked hard, a pilot project has been implemented, and now we are ready to start the main module of our platform. "

In addition, Alexei Zabozlaev added that today an International center of competence and accreditation WorldBRICS opened, which will confirm the reliability of partners participating in this program.

Director of the Department of electronic technology and the development of services of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia Vladislav Epishkin appreciated the value of IT Forum, where the search for specific opportunities to promote our countries' business takes place: "Direct communication between our countries' businesses is very important. Many problems will be solved by themselves."

He reminded that economic development strategy of the group was adopted and signed after the Ufa BRICS summit, "This strategy will be a guide for our countries in the construction of future relations," Vladislav Epishkin said, "First of all it is the provision of a list of priority investment projects. The most interesting among them are the projects related to the construction of logistics corridors, infrastructure objects power plants, nuclear power plants and others. "

He also stressed the importance of removing administrative barriers. The fact is that in our countries there are different administrative, trading systems, there are visa related obstacles. "By the next summit to be held in India, it is planned to prepare a list of problems and ways of their solution", he said.

Expert of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law of China National Institute of international exchange and legal cooperation of the SCO Zhang Venhai also told about prospects of Russian-Chinese cooperation. According to him, the two countries complement each other.

"China needs not only your oil and gas. In fact, we see the potential and possibilities of cooperation on almost every level, especially in the field of IT. We all know that Russia has been the source of most advanced technologies. Among them, there are satellites, spaceships, lasers, hydrolic-fracturing technology (which are now used in American energy revolution). The first mobile communication system "Altai" LK-1. Russians developed it during the Soviet era. These are just some of the achievements of Russian scientists and engineers. All of them happened in the Soviet era, but Russia is still the leader in many areas: nanotechnology, aerospace, IT, arms, nuclear technology," he said.

At the same time, according to Zhang Venhai, "Russia does not successfully convert these ingenious inventions to the economic achievements that might contribute to the prosperity of the people." The specialist explained this phenomenon to several factors. "One of them is the market. Although the Russian technology is creative and unique, and you have a lot of good companies such as 1C, Akela, Kaspersky Lab and others, your market is still too small to bring them to the level of global manufacturers," the representative of Shanghai University said.

Another factor is financial resources. Competition in innovation sphere between the countries is very severe today. Innovations require billions of investment, which is very risky. Sometimes an enterprise cannot succeed. Such risky investments in the worst case may make the country bankrupt.

"Therefore, we see the potential for deepening cooperation between China and Russia," Zhang Venhai said, "Firstly China has the largest market in the world. Our high-tech enterprises such as Alibaba work at this market. If Russian IT companies want to grow, to reach the top of the global market, they need a market. Without it, none technical system has the chance to remain independent. Secondly, China is investing a lot of money in other countries. Only in the last year with financial support from China about $ 65 billion dollars were invested in Russia. Thirdly, China has a reputation in the field of system integration of large-scale projects. "

In his opinion, Chinese entrepreneurs have learned to convert scientific advances in financial benefits, plus they have a lot of experience in marketing and sales. "Ideally, Russian science shall unite with Chinese finance, marketing and systems integration expertise. We could get benefit from this cooperation for both sides," Zhang Venhai said.

Participants of the strategic session supported the representative of Shanghai University. Alex Zabozlaev noted that although in every state of the BRICS the priority is support of its own companies, today it is not enough without the cooperation. In this regard, great attention should be paid to the establishment of joint ventures. The experts agreed that this would be the best solution.

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