14 June 2016

This was stated by the representative of the Federal Institute of Education Development Alexander Popov, during a round table "Improving the process of additional IT education of children. New techniques and tools.” Discussion platform was opened in Khanty-Mansiysk within the framework of the VIII International IT Forum with participation of BRICS and the SCO countries.

Experts in the field of children's technical education from Tomsk, Moscow, Chelyabinsk and Ugra cities discussed the formation of a new system of additional education, tools of the modern teacher, the formation of IT competences and prospects of attracting private business to IT education of children.

As Deputy Governor of Ugra Alexei Putin stated in his opening speech, the Autonomous Okrug does a lot in the field of IT education, drawing attention of the participants to quantoriums that are created on the basis of science parks in Khanty-Mansiysk and Nefteyugansk. "We are the first in the country to organize such centers for children. By the way, they will be discussed at the forum "UTRO", which will be held in June. This year it has obtained the status of federal platform and it will receive more than 1,500 participants from all over Russia," Alexey Putin said, "Much attention will be paid to vocational training of young people, career guidance, and the dialogue will involve employers — the country's largest oil companies. We are open to dialogue and adoption of experience, working closely with the Russian Federation Ministry of Education and are always looking for new ideas from the experts. "

The round table identified a number of problems faced by today IT education, in particular the lack of pedagogical competences. This was stated by Alexander Popov, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of the Federal Institute of Education Development. "IT practitioners obviously show that little attention is paid to the process of translation of knowledge to children. Skills of particular genius people are not enough, we need technology to transfer. That is why people engaged in education in the field of information technology, should have several competencies: To know substantive component and ways of its transferring, because we are dealing with children," Alexander Popov said, we are in the process of negotiations with the authors of Ugra science parks and quantoriums.   We will jointly develop federal educational program.

Ugra quantoriums were established under the current regional strategy for the development of additional education, based on school science parks, which were first established by Ugra educational institutions in 2012. "Today this network consists of 56 school science parks, which include modules in five areas: The world of music and art, metal and engineering, natural science and robotics,"Head of training and additional education directorate of the Education Department of the Autonomous Okrug Natalia Romanova said, "Regarding the development of IT education, our children started to study only in November last year. Systematic work on the formation and training of qualified personnel in the field of information technology and software engineering is carried out in Ugra."

Roundtable participants from Ugra said that for the further successful development of this field in the sphere of additional education it is necessary to solve the issues related to teaching IT staff, the implementation of personalized financing model of additional education, which is defined by the decree of the President, the licensing activities of non-public sector, which often has no opportunity to take advantage of national and regional financial support.

However, all experts participating of the discussion platform agreed that introduction of children in the area of ​​information technology shall start from pre-school age. "Additional IT education is the topic of our future. Given how complex are the new information systems (e.g. artificial intelligence), we must recognize that today's students failed to receive the necessary knowledge even in kindergarten," Professor of the Department of information technologies in the management of the Moscow Institute of Civil Service and Personnel Management Alexander Raykov said, As you have noticed, the Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova, addressed the children in the very beginning of his speech at the VIII International IT Forum. Today, in addition to adult professionals, they are also experts in the field of information technologies. Sometimes children see something not available to us, they have an amazing intuition in various fields. Adults need to learn to trust them and to learn how to teach them advanced knowledge. "

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