9 June 2016

115 resources OF drug dealers and more than 190 sites connected with extremism and terrorism are banned and eliminated in the Okrug. This work is based on the Ugra Research Institute of Information Technologies, where the Center of Computer Competency was established, which deals with the computation and helps to block Internet resources involved in drug trafficking and the spread of extremist ideas.

This was declared by the Director of the Department of Public and External Relations of Ugra Elena Shumakova at the International Conference under the auspices of UNESCO, which takes place in Khanty-Mansiysk within the frameworks of the annual IT Forum with participation of BRICS and the SCO. "The region is actively introducing new tools of social participation and control. In order to achieve it, interactive services on relevant issues for the citizens are formed. An example is the Center of computer competence that helps to detect and remove sites that distribute drugs or extremist ideas, " she explained.

In addition, the Director of the Department drew attention of the participants of the International Conference to the other services created in the region. In particular, the "Communal inspection." Every resident of Ugra can call to this inspection on issues and challenges in the field of housing and to get interactive feedback. On-site inspections are often carried out and amounts of the monthly payment for utilities are changed on the basis of these calls. .

A similar service "Green hotline" is devoted to environmental issues. 

"This issue is very important for our region, because we produce more than half of Russian oil and 7% of the world volume of black gold. In addition, we have huge forest resources in our territory," Director of the Department of Public and External Relations of the Okrug said, "This year in Ugra is the year of the regional environmental campaign. Thanks to the feedback from citizens, we have managed to identify and eliminate about three dozen illegal dumps, to remove more than 200 traps, eliminate more than 10 forest fires only for the past few months. "

According to Elena Shumakova, this work is certainly in demand and will continue. "We are interested in the broad cooperation on this issue and are willing to have a dialogue with our international partners," she summed up.

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