20 June 2016

The results of the VIII International IT Forum were summarized ar the meeting of Council on Development of the Information Society of the Governor of Ugra. More than 2,500 people took part in the Forum this year. Representatives of 29 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, 48 countries of the world attended the event. The exhibition "Information technologies for all" included 105 exhibitors and 21 events.

In addition, the Forum hosted an International Conference under the auspices of UNESCO "Media and Information Literacy and the Formation of an Open Government Culture", which was the first event in the world on this issue.

Participants of the forum presented more than 100 suggestions and ideas, many of which were developed at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. In particular, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich was talking about international partnership in the field of telemedicine. One of the primary topics of the BRICS Business Council was the use of IT for the expansion of the economic and trade ties of "the Five."

During the Council meeting, it was noted that the suggestions of the participants of IT Forum will be reflected in the Ugra Declaration. "It is important to finish this work in the near future, to create sufficient time recourse before the beginning of the BRICS Summit, which is scheduled for October and will be held in India. Therefore, suggestions of IT Forum participants in the Autonomous Okrug will be taken into account in the documents for the BRICS countries' leaders. This format is the most productive if we talk about the effectiveness of Ugra Forum," Natalia Komarova said, 

"It is necessary to finalize the concept of the next IT Forum by December this year. It is necessary to consider a proposal that the IT Forum becomes a permanent platform for the Business Council of BRICS," the Governor of Ugra said.

Next year is declared a year of ecology in Russia. According to the Governor, this topic is strategic for the region and it should also be reflected in the program of IT Forum. Best IT in this field should be presented in Ugra.

The task number one for the economy and the industry is to increase efficiency, as was pointed by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum "In this regard, lean technologies and the use of IT solutions to reduce all types of losses, to improve the quality and efficiency of production, to improve productivity with the use of IT, can raise interest of the international community and Russian regions. These and other suggestions on the concept of the future forum should be considered in partnership with the federal ministries in order to include the forum in their plan of work for 2017," the Governor of Ugra said.

In addition, at the meeting they reviewed the progress in the creation of a regional segment to record contingent of educational institutions in the region. Ugra is among the 36 pilot regions, which are engaged in the integration to the federal interdepartmental system "Region. Contingent." Corresponding work plan was adopted in the Okrug at the end of October last year. Tests and acceptance of the regional segment of the system were performed, a series of training seminars for managers and employees of educational institutions were held.

As the Deputy Director of Education and Youth Policy of the Autonomous Okrug Lilia Maximova noted, work is progressing according to the plan, the start of the system's commercial operation is scheduled for October 2016.

"It is necessary to specify check time and content of work again to be sure that in October 2016 the system will run smoothly," Natalia Komarova said, "Please put a special emphasis on the relationship of the segment with the daily work of teachers. It is important to prevent the growth of so-called bureaucratic burden on teachers, duplicating paper and electronic reporting systems. Any information base should help the teacher, but not vice versa. "

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