Welcoming Remark of the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs S. Lavrov


To Organizers, Delegates, and Visitors of the 9th International IT Forum in Khanty-Mansiysk

                I cordially greet the Organizers, Delegates, and Visitors of the IX International IT Forum in Khanty-Mansiysk with attendance from the BRICS and SCO countries.

The long years of its fruitful work have proven the Forum to be a useful format of discussions, and have made it a major platform for sharing experiences in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. The event is distinguished by a strong attendance by representatives of government authorities, professional experts, scientists and business people.

In today's situation, it is most important that one of the Forum’s key events is the “Infoforum-Ugra” International Conference on Information Security, which is being held for the first time.

The BRICS and SCO countries are increasingly drawn closer to each other by their common desire to strengthen the polycentric world order, their common interest in promoting a positive agenda in world affairs, and their striving to develop optimal approaches to sustainable development. I am confident that this time once again the speeches and presentations by prominent information and communication technology experts from the BRICS and SCO countries will be interesting and useful to the Forum’s attendees.

                I wish you to have engaging meetings, fruitful discussions, and good luck in everything you do.

S. Lavrov

Moscow, June “ ”, 2017