Major regulators are supporters and participants of the Infoforum-Ugra

Federal Security Service (FSB) and Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) supported the International Conference on Information Security “Infoforum-Ugra” with participation of SCO, BRIC and CSTO countries.

Greetings to Forum participants on behalf of the Federal Security Service were sent by Andrey Fetisov, the Head of Scientific and Technical service of the FSB and co-Chair of the Forum Organizing Committee. On behalf of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control Forum participants were welcomed by Vladimir Selin, Director of RF FSTEC, co-Chair of the Infoforum Organizing Committee. 

As it was mentioned before, Oleg Khramov, Deputy Head of the RF Security Council and Dmitry Gribkov, information officer of the RF Security Council Staff, will participate in the conference. 

The Conference is also supported by senior management of the Russian Federation Central Bank. RF Security Council Staff, RF Federal Security Service, RF FSTEC and RF Central Bank are the main regulators of information security in the Russian Federation.

Federal Security Service representative, Nikolay Murashov, the Deputy Chief of the Federal Security Service Center will make a presentation. FSTEC will be presented by representatives of FSTEC Directorate in the Urals. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation will be represented by Artyom Sychev, Deputy Head of the Main Department of Security and Information protection.