• German S. Klimenko
    German S. Klimenko

    Advisor of the President of the Russian Federation

  • Nikolai A. Nikiforov
    Nikolai A. Nikiforov

    The Russian Federation Minister for Communications and Mass Media

  • Alexey G. Zabozlayev
    Alexey G. Zabozlayev

    Deputy Governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra

  • Aktoty R. Raimkulova
    Aktoty R. Raimkulova

    Vice-Minister of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Alexandr S. Levashov
    Alexandr S. Levashov

    TAdviser Chief Editor

  • Alexey V. Sokolov
    Alexey V. Sokolov

    Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation

  • Anatoly I. Smirnov
    Anatoly I. Smirnov

    President of the National Institute for Research of Global Security

  • Andrew Mabian
    Andrew Mabian

    Deputy Director on Production of “Salym Petroleum Development”, Head of the Department for Production and Well performance optimization and ground infrastructure”

  • Andrey I. Masalovitch
    Andrey I. Masalovitch

    Leading Expert in Competitive Intelligence of the Information System Academy, President of the Non-commercial Partnership for Developers in the area of high technology “Consortium InfoRus”

  • Andrey V. Krutskikh
    Andrey V. Krutskikh

    Special Representative of the Russian Federation President on International Cooperation in the sphere of Information Security

  • Andrey V. Shpilenko
    Andrey V. Shpilenko

    Director of Culster and Technopark Association

  • Anton G. Aranutov
    Anton G. Aranutov

    Fintech Lab CEO

  • Artemy D. Prokopenko
    Artemy D. Prokopenko

    Public-Stock Company “Rostelecom” Vice President

  • Askar Rahimbajuyly Zhunisbek
    Askar Rahimbajuyly Zhunisbek

    The First Deputy Director for the “State Technical Service” of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Boris N. Miroshnikov
    Boris N. Miroshnikov

    Member of the Board of Directors of the National Payments Council, Member of the Public Council for Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, Colonel General

  • Dilshod D. Usmanaloyev
    Dilshod D. Usmanaloyev

    Head of Service for “Information and Communication Technology and Connection with Foreign Information and Library Holdings” of Uzbekistan National Library named after A. Navoi

  • Dmitry G. Gribkov
    Dmitry G. Gribkov

    Instructor for the Russian Federation Security Council

  • Dmitry V. Gurtov
    Dmitry V. Gurtov

    Director of the Product Office “Smart City” of the Public Joint-Stock Company “Rostelecom”

  • Ekaterina G. Shapochka
    Ekaterina G. Shapochka

    Member of the Russian Federation Government Expert Council, member of the Government Committee on Public Government coordination

  • Erik B. Turdukhodzhayev
    Erik B. Turdukhodzhayev

    Kyrgyzstan National Library Deputy Director on Innovation Technologies

  • Ernest A. Valeyev
    Ernest A. Valeyev

    The First Deputy Chair of the Russian Federation State Duma Committee on Security and Corruption Control, co-Chair of the InfoForum Steering Committee

  • Evgeny I. Kuzmin
    Evgeny I. Kuzmin

    Deputy Chair of the Intergovernmental UNESCO “Information for All” Program, Head of the Russian Committee of the UNESCO “Information for All” Program, President of the Interregional Center for Library Cooperation

  • Galina U. Soldatova
    Galina U. Soldatova

    Director of the Internet Development Fund

  • Giulietto Chiesa
    Giulietto Chiesa

    Journalist in the sphere of international affairs, writer, politician, media person, Italy

  • Igor R. Agamirzyan
    Igor R. Agamirzyan

    Vice President of the National Research Institute “Higher School of Economics”

  • Ilya I. Massukh
    Ilya I. Massukh

    Director of “Center for Competence in Import Substitution in IT-sphere”

  • Maxim V. Kazak
    Maxim V. Kazak

    CNews Chief Editor

  • Mikhail A. Silin
    Mikhail A. Silin

    Vice-rector on Innovations and Commercial Developments of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after I.M. Gubkin

  • Mikhail Ya. Evrayav
    Mikhail Ya. Evrayav

    Deputy Minister for Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation

  • Mikhail Yu. Bondarenko
    Mikhail Yu. Bondarenko

    Director of the Electronic Government Development Center on Products for Public Sector Customers of the Public Joint-Stock Company “Rostelecom”

  • Moktar Edali
    Moktar Edali

    Head of the Information Society Department of the African Joint Commission

  • Natalia R. Maslova
    Natalia R. Maslova

    Executive Director for Center of Technologies in Electronic Democracy

  • Natalia V. Tolstaya
    Natalia V. Tolstaya

    President of the Non-Commercial Partnership “Automatization in Museums and Information Technologies” (ADIT)

  • Nguyen Thanh Hai
    Nguyen Thanh Hai

     Director of Information Security Department of Vietnam Ministry for Information and Communications

  • Oleg L. Shor
    Oleg L. Shor

    Director of the “B.N. Yeltsin President Library” Branch in Tyumen Region

  • Oleg V. Khramov
    Oleg V. Khramov

    Deputy Head of the Russian Federation Security Council

  • Omer Laviv
    Omer Laviv

    Smart MER (Mer-Group) President, Israel

  • Pavel E. Khilov
    Pavel E. Khilov

    Head of the Electronic State Expert Center

  • Pavel I. Tsyporin
    Pavel I. Tsyporin

    Director of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Ugra Information Technology Department

  • Pyotr U. Kuznetsov
    Pyotr U. Kuznetsov

    Head of the Information Law Department of the Ural State University of Law

  • Ray Hammond
    Ray Hammond

    Futurist, Keynote speaker and U.N. Gold Medal Winner

  • Sergey A. Gusev
    Sergey A. Gusev

    Vice-President – Director of the Macroregional Branch “Ural” of the Public Joint-Stock Company “Rostelecom”

  • Sergey N. Besedin
    Sergey N. Besedin

    Founder of the Blockchain Association

  • Tan Sri Dato' Seri Panglima Mohd Azumi Bin Mohamed
    Tan Sri Dato' Seri Panglima Mohd Azumi Bin Mohamed

    CyberSecurity Chair of the Board of Directors, Malaysia

  • Tatiana A. Polyakova
    Tatiana A. Polyakova

    Head of the Information Law Sector in the Institute of State and Law of the Russian Federation Academy of Sciences

  • Tiberio Graciani
    Tiberio Graciani

    Director of the Institute of Geopolitical Studies

  • Timur N. Aitov
    Timur N. Aitov

    Member of the Financial Markets and Banking Institutions Committee of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Tran Duy Ninh
    Tran Duy Ninh

    Deputy Chief of the Department of Postal Communications of the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam

  • Ugor V. Kostylev
    Ugor V. Kostylev

    Futurebanking.ru Chief Editor

  • Vadim V. Kalukhov
    Vadim V. Kalukhov

    Director for Financial Technology, Projects and Process Management Department of the Bank of Russia

  • Vadim V. Vankov
    Vadim V. Vankov

    Advisor for the Russian Federation Minister of Culture

  • Veronika V. Lestchinskaya
    Veronika V. Lestchinskaya

    Head of the Information Educational Center “Ecoculture” of the State Russian Library for Youth

  • Vladimir A. Gamza
    Vladimir A. Gamza

    Chair of the Financial Markets and Banking Institutions Committee of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Vladimir E. Averbach
    Vladimir E. Averbach

    Director for Department of Development of the Electronic Government of the Russian Federation Ministry of Communications and Mass Media

  • Wang Yanji
    Wang Yanji

    President of the Chinese Association of Industrial Security and Protection

  • Yale Li
    Yale Li

    President for Cloud Security Alliance (GCR), China

  • Yury M. Baturin
    Yury M. Baturin

    Chair of the Computer Law and Information Security Department of the Supreme State Audit School of the Moscow State University named after Lomonosov

  • Zhannat K. Ismailova
    Zhannat K. Ismailova

    Director of the Uzbekistan State Museum of History