Training for the digital economy will be discussed at the IT Forum


This direction of the national program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation" at the eleventh IT Forum is dedicated to a separate thematic cluster, within the framework of which there will be an introductory session "Education is the Subject of Digital Transformation of the Economy" and expert work on the development of the ecosystem of digital education for an end user.

With every year there are more and more companies that provide services based on digital services, produce or sell digital goods in Russia. Therefore, there is a growing need for both qualified IT specialists and competent consumers of digital products.

The national program dictates the renewal of the education system in this area: development of e-learning and distance learning, training and advanced training, development of joint partner programs of Universities and high-tech organizations, etc.

By 2024, the country's Universities should annually produce 120 thousand IT specialists. In addition, it is planned to prepare another 800 thousand graduates of higher and secondary vocational education with competencies in the field of information technology at the global average level. And the proportion of the population with digital skills should be 40%.

How does the education system meet the modern demands of the digital economy? How to achieve the necessary level of training of future IT-specialists? What competencies should they have? These and other topics will be discussed by the participants of the thematic cluster of the IT Forum: experts in the field of education, representatives of authorities and IT companies.

XI international IT Forum with participation of BRIC and the SCO countries will be held in Khanty-Mansiysk on June 10-11, 2019. Registration and detailed information is on the forum website.