For the first time, the IT Forum has become a platform for an international conference of notaries public


An international conference of notaries public was held at the site of the International IT Forum. The event was moderated by the Head of the editorial staff of analytical programs of Yugra television broadcasting company Aleksandr Kalachev.

The conference was attended by the Director of the Center for Innovation and Information Technologies Foundation Mikhail Veselov, the Chairman of the Commission of the the Federal Notarial Chamber for the Use of Information Technologies, the President of the Kaluga Regional Notarial Chamber Oleg Golovatyuk, the Notary Public of Waidhofen an der Thaya, Austria Michael Mullner, the Notary Public of the Aktyubinsk Region, Republic of Kazakhstan Svetlana Balpeisova, the Head of the Information Technology Department of the Belarusian Notarial Chamber, Republic of Belarus Denis Shafranovich, the Head of the Department of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastral Records and Cartography in Yugra Vladimir Khapaev.

"We compile the documents ourselves, but in one-window mode - one specialist perfects the rights acquired, receives all necessary documents, permits, conducts taxation and registers the rights acquired, for example, ownership, lease," the Notary Public of Waidhofen an der Thaya, Austria Michael Mullner shared his experience. "If a Notary Public prepared a real estate contract, he/she will enter the acquired title in the Land Registration Book, the real estate register is called so in Austria. If the subject matter of the document is a trading company, the Notary Public enters it into the “Book of Trading Firms", this is the name of the register of legal entities. The both books are state registers maintained by the court in e-form. The Notary Public, on behalf of the client, submits a request to the court to enter the acquired rights in the book, and the court satisfies does not satisfy the request."

"In the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Notary Public takes the first place in the legal system," the Notary Public of the Aktyubinsk Region, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Svetlana Balpeisova, continued the discussion. "Before making a deal, we verify its legal capacity, verify its participants, whether they are debtors, are registered with the psychiatric or drug treatment clinics. We also look for whether the participant in the deal has any pledged property. And only after that we proceed to the registration of the notarial act."

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