Joint import substitution in the BRICS and the SCO countries was one of the topics of the IT Forum


At the site of the International IT Forum, a panel discussion “Joint Import Substitution in the BRICS and the SCO Countries” took place.

The participants discussed the interaction of the member countries on the joint exchange of technologies for further distribution in their domestic markets, reducing dependence on imported IT products from non-member countries of the economic alliance, and shared views on potentially interesting solutions for the markets and industries of the BRICS and the SCO countries.

The agenda of the meeting also included the issue of forming a common data bank of ICT products, organizing possible testing and piloting of ICT products and solutions, and developing common measures for the expansion of joint products to world markets.

Dmitry Sorokin, the Head of the Domestic Software Sales Development Department of Softline Company: "We represent the basic single software package. It includes: an operating system, a set of office editors with user collaboration, e-mail and a browser. And also, optionally: information security, database management system, backup service." The single software package of domestic software includes assistance with testing (trial operation), consulting services (implementation, migration, integration), training center courses and technical support and outsourcing.

Andrey Fleita, the Commercial Director of Postgres Professional, shared the company's work expertise: “We work not only in Russia, we work abroad. We also have customers in the BRICS and the SCO countries. Now we are mainly based on Russian expertise and we try to make a good product for the Russian Federation Since we are about Russia, we need to meet the requirements of the domestic software registry. We certify all products in order to work with national data. We continue to work actively with the community, to improve the free version, because we think that it is the only right track."

General partners of the IT Forum are Rostelecom, Lukoil, PRIME GROUP and Slavneft-Megionneftegaz.